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Our Approach

Many believe that it is impossible to sort out the complex causes of back pain. We disagree. With the help of a detailed physical, biomedical assessment, and advanced diagnostic intervention techniques we find that we are able to achieve a precision diagnosis. This often involves sorting out multiple sources of pain. We specialize in handling these sorts of complex cases. For patients with orthopedic and musculoskeletal complaints, we offer advanced musculoskeletal evaluations and management. Our focus is on obtaining a precise, soft tissue diagnosis and utilizing regenerative medicine and tissue engineering principles to enhance recovery.


A precise diagnosis provides us with a clear picture of the most promising therapeutic interventions to pursue, often involving the integration of regenerative technology and multidisciplinary management. We rely heavily on musculoskeletal ultrasonography as
a means of diagnosis, which we incorporate into our physical examination. We also utilize ultrasonography for precision injection techniques and other image-guided injection procedures.


We have an in-depth understanding of why conservative and conventional methods fail, and offer new and innovative technology to fill this gap and aid in patient recovery. Patients can expect a thorough and comprehensive assessment and to at least get some answers. Once a diagnosis is made you can be more easily directed towards the best treatment options available.
















Dr. Brown was a physician trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation, as well as interventional pain management. He was a stem cell research scientist and often integrated these cutting-edge technologies into his practice, offering patients a unique clinical experience. He also utilized his extensive background in biomechanics, sports medicine, dry needling, chiropractic, and osteopathic manual therapy. He worked on a collaborative, national team of physicians, PhD scientists, and engineers, who are currently leading the industry in the evaluation and management of orthopedic and musculoskeletal injury and disease.

Our methods primarily focus on regenerative medicine approaches. This can include the use of cellular, orthobiologic, and stem cell therapies as well as extracellular matrix and scaffolding techniques for orthopedic conditions. Our approach to these is explained further on this website (see Patient Education).

We focus on spine, articular cartilage, joint, tendon, and other soft tissue causes of pain and dysfunction, and target those tissues in our interventions. We use minimally- invasive surgical procedures when needed, and minimize the use of corticosteroid injections, epidural injections, and long-term opioid medications. We feel that long-term
opioid management (and their escalating use) has been a dismal failure in the US. We do not focus on "neural ablation"procedures, as do most conventional pain management physicians. These procedures thermally ablate nerves, which simply regenerate with time and the pain returns.

Our typical patients are those with predominantly orthopedic and musculoskeletal pain who have failed conventional management but nonetheless have the potential for recovery. During our consultation process we try to make decisions with regard to whether or not our technologies will be helpful. If not, we refer patients to other
physician specialists and subspecialty clinics that can better serve their needs.

We have assembled a team of specialists nationwide who work as a cohesive team, developing new technology and consensus guidelines to govern our methods. Our regenerative medicine consortium is now conducting research to build a better understanding of techniques that can assist you in the future.

Finally, Dr. Brown believed strongly in taking the time necessary for a detailed history, physical assessment, examination of records, and diagnostic imaging review. He took the time to walk patients through what is required for both assessment and management of complex pain issues. Most people seeking care at our center are shocked at the amount of time we spend with our patients. Dr. Brown was a medical detective and our advice is to come prepared. Our expert staff will assist you in this process. 

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